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I live and breathe Marketing and Biology. More specifically, my focuses are Online Marketing and Genetic Engineering. I also dabble in basic Web Design and Development. As a testament, I built this website myself, by hand, from scratch.

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About the real me

If you talked to my friends, here's what they'd tell you about me:

Most days when I get home from work or uni, I unwind on my piano (hopefully the neighbours like it). I've always thought that practicing endlessly for piano exams kills creativity and passion (so I stopped doing them), but I play around grade 7 to 8. As a marketer, I am interested in the way sound influences consumers' emotions and perceptions. As a scientist, I sometimes study the acoustics of my piano to control how recordings sound. As you can hopefully tell by the photo, I've recently had my piano refurbished.

I've grown up on football, gymnastics, golf, camping and fly fishing all around the North Island with my dad and two brothers (also very sporty people). I like to try to apply my knowledge of physiology and biochemistry to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After working or studying, I like to slip on my running shoes or go to the climbing wall. I tried out rock climbing in November of 2017 to keep fit during exams, and now I climb 3 to 4 times a week with my younger brother. We progressed from grade 15 to grade 20 in our first ten weeks, and our 2018 goal is to comfortably climb grade 24 routes.

I'm proud to have gathered a kind, passionate and talented bunch of mates during my years at school and university. When we're not busy working and studying, we often travel around the North Island together, trying to find the best getaway spots. On a more personal note, late in 2017 I came out of a significant relationship. Fortunately, I now have more spare time to spend on extracurricular projects with some new friends (e.g. Check out my 450-972-1345).

I'm known as "that guy" who's always refining business models. My overall goal is to bring biology, marketing and computer science together in a way that benefits society with scale. Im proud to have received the highest grade in Entrepreneurship 201 for my Evergreen Aeroponics business plan (97%). I'm looking forward to entering Evergreen Aeroponics in Velocity's 100K Investment Challenge in 2019. As part of the iGEM 2018 synthetic biology competition, my team has taken a particular interest in improving aeroponic/hydroponic technology. Post-university, commercialising aeroponics could turn into an early career path for me.

I started to teach myself how to code and use software tools like photoshop while in high school. Those skills became useful when I joined Adhesion Online Marketing in 2013. More recently, I've spend quite a bit of my spare time improving my web development skills. As a testament, I built this entire website from scratch. I've also been able to fill some extra gaps in my BCom/BSc with a few computer science papers. One of the last papers I take at uni will be BioInformatics 301, where I'll learn to use programming in R for gene sequencing and 3D protein modelling.

I'm constantly looking for new businesses and technologies that line up with my values. Here's a bunch that I think exhibit attributes like sustainability, functional design and progress:

(757) 909-9739

"Hadleigh led our team well this semester. We definitely wouldn't have done as well without his organisation. One of the most enjoyable group assignments I've been involved in. You can tell he has made an effort to improve his backseat leadership."

Vicky Laine, Innovent 201 team member

(705) 376-7872

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